Prepare to be Amazed: A Night in Beijing & Chaoyang Theatre

Macigal Performance Chaoyang Theater

Who would like to say that they are better than us (referring to us Bar Mitzvahs of course), well not many dare to do so. However one particular acrobatic group in China are not just saying that but are doing that as well. This time we are not just impressed as was the case with the “Golden Mask Dynasty Show”, but the whole concept of Chinese theatre went to such a far length that we cannot help but be absolutely amazed. Thrilling as it seemed, we were totally blasted by the idea of going to see an acrobatic show in Beijing. The one that everyone was talking about, and going about as well was the Chaoyang Theatre venue which was not to be missed. We soon realised that we had not come to the wrong place, even though our hotel staff tried to get us to a cheesier more commission profitable show. Don’t be fooled by all the different theatres that are scattered around Beijing, you better just approach the Chaoyang district one of the those nights that you are in for a ride.

Since we wanted to know what extreme positions could these guys get into, it’s well obvious that acrobatics is the finest and the best performing art, or variety art as they call it to get a good glimps of it. It’s like eating Sushi in Japan, once you’ve had the good stuff you can no longer go back to the terrible stuff back home. So you end up eating Sushi only on your trips to Japan, well having experienced that once in my life.. I can say with much confidence that the same applies to the Chinese acrobatics. Especially to the Chaoyang Theatre, which has all the feats you could ever dream of seing. I mean, who can put a twenty or so motorcycles inside a cage, have them circle around in total darkness and come out saying hey… are you exited yet? The acrobatic troupe sereved and received they standing standing ovations more than once. People just had a hard time staying still at time, because you were not just excited but worried for the lives of these incredible skillful acrobatic performers.

Having them in the US would be an honor. And going to do some disco with the crew would be just so much fun, in fact I am kind of planning something fun for the theatre performers that I simply can not get enough of.

If you are indeed for a new addiction in your life, the flying acrobatic kind that is. Then I advise all of you Beijing visitors to visit the theatre at 36 North East Third Ring Road. You can give them a call at 008618612359093 or just mail them to get discount tickets to the show. Naturally, the performance is getting more expensive every year and for that these discount ticket booking services come in handy. It can still be affordable, but expect to be paying like you would be visiting some grand spectacle in US. Which this isn’t, because the production is not that pumped up. Instead, it’s trained to make your hair stand up and that’s all. There is no need for all that American glow and honor kind of attitude, because the acrobatics at Chaoyang Theatre is the real, authentic stuff.

In other words, I could not recommend it more. And hope that people take my word for it! It’s like Peking Circus, but the modern version mixed with enough of historical arts to make you feel right at home in the Chinese way of life. Let me know if the comments if you are planning to go. Thanks very much fellow Mitzvah disco goers and let’s enjoy the magical night in Beijing!

Yours truly,
Mark Asa


  1. Danny Greenway says:

    Amazing indeed. Through your wonderful words and blog posts, Chinese seems like the magical place. Never really thought about visiting but thanks to you Mr. Asa.. I just have to think it over. Cheers!!


    • Pete N. says:

      Danny, I am just as amazed as you are. Mark Asa is a great man with great experiences. Love to read this blog as it really has a unique feeling to it.. Let’s disco! Heh, heh.


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