Mark Asa Doctor is Happy but not That Happy

Box of Carrots

So quite a few days have passed, perhaps weeks I am not sure. And the products arrived to my door. I was happy for a moment. I needed more, it was not enough. Had Amazon failed me, or had I failed myself. Probably both. All I know is that this was a lesson well learned. One that most probably I will have to learn all over again in the future. I imagined showing a picture in this post, with me smiling surrounded by a lot of stuff. Happiness, where are you. Don’t leave me alone. But ultimately it didn’t. Just the kind of happiness I got from the German Amazon shopping experiences was different than I could anticipate.

You see, finding something that I was not happy about.. which was the empty feeling after opening all those shipped packages, was a simple blessing. I always thrive to learn from this and to learn new disco moves. Sorry, the latter was just a mandatory joke for me. So anyway, if something doesn’t make you happy it means that you are doing something wrong. Ordering all the useless, but amazing looking never seen stuff was pretty much a plan gone totally wrong. Instead, I made another plan which was to donate all these things to local drunk people in the streets.

Man, they were not happy because it was not something that was easy to convert to money. But they took it and probably enjoyed them in their private time. After all that stuff was gone, I was again back to minimalist self. Thinking what crazy thing I could do next. Nevertheless, I knew that perhaps Amazon was not the greatest company, or corporation in the world. Perhaps a lot of it was just madness, something that was good to say hi to and even greater to say goodbye to.

I know for many saying goodbye is not that easy. But anyone who is able to look themselves in the eye (with the help of a mirror), can easily comfort themselves by saying. Hey man, this is just silly. Let’s boogie and enjoy our lives while we can. And oh poor things those bastards who work that evil company called Amazon. Now, I have a few days left in Germany (at the moment in Hamburg), which I will boogie on.

Auf wiedersehen und gute nacht!!

Mark Asa

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