The Bar Mitzvah Movie!

Be in Our Movie

Do you remember back in 2007 when we set out to make a feature-length documentary, our documentary. For those who don’t remember here is a flash from the past!

—history cut here—

A documentary, a found history, a generation — possibly the greatest generation — tells its story, via the perfect medium, Bar and Bat Mitzvah videos of the seventies, eighties and nineties… we will tell the story of who we are and how we got to be this way via the music, vibe, style and the lack of it… faithfully recording every minute detail… the music, the DJs, breakin’, makin’ out, candle lighting… bringing every hormone to high definition…

The movie will consist of the greatest, most thrilling, heart wrenching, stylish, emotional, family-tastic moments of thousands of Bar and Bat Mitzvah videos from across the country.

To pull this grand experiment off, we need your help… DIG OUT YOUR VIDEOS and send them to us — we prefer DUBS (on video or on DVD) but will faithfully return the real deal…

All of you who harbor dreams of Hollywood, this is your chance. No casting couch. We need your videos now.

—history cut here—

Well, turns out that we did receive a lot of tapes but we just didn’t really get around to it. Lack of sponsorship? I don’t know.. but the project kind of got stuck. Since already quite a time has passed, and everyone seems to think we are dead. We thought that we might seal our grave by actually finishing the documentary. How about it folks? Let us know if you are dig or not!


Mark Asa


  1. Thomas Dudley says:

    How could we ever forget the movie. Great!!

  2. Ellen Ran says:

    This is simply awesome. Would love to catch the flick! Keep on partying guys!

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