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Dance Performance China

So how do the Chinese disco, I know they sing songs of the Mao. The times of the communist revolution are long gone, yet.. in some way they are right in front of the noses from the perspective of a republic with a nation dedicated population. Indeed, the people in China are a proud population without fear other than their parents. It sometimes almost scares the westerners, how powerful personalities and forward thriven people China is loaded with. And while the disco concept might not be that popular, you can be sure that they will keep on dancing on the streets of every city of this vast, broad and polluted land.

It’s been a fascinating time, learning about myself, the world and even spirituality. Witnessing anything from Kung Fu, to Opera. Going to Places like Xian, Hong Kong & Shanghai. Everything seems fresn and new, yet somehow totally familiar. It’s perhaps because humans are just humans after all. I am enchanted, thinking that I might as well turn the Barmitzvah concept in a travel blog or something. If I get enough comments asking me to do that, it just might happen. Either way, I am hooked to travel and China. It’s teaching me everything from the good and the bad, where in the end I can learn to make choices in life. Pickup the good habits that I like.

But the best habits that I have learned while traveling in China, just have to be things like being just myself. Much like the dance floor where you through away your inhibitions and express yourself to the max. China is exactly like that, where people just grow up in such an environment. Sometimes it annoys you in the huge crowd where people are just going wild at times.. but at the end of the way, it’s better in that way, anyway!=)

Mark A.

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