Chinese Art of Relaxation and Party Cures

Beautiful City of Xi'an

The Chinese are famous for a lot of things and one of them is perhaps acupuncture as well as massage itself. These two are closely related because they are all part of a huge school of thought known as “Traditional Chinese Medicine”. Which is not just eating dry lizards and other herbal medicine, it contains a whole philosophy and practice, both physical and mental. Having plenty of experience of so called oriental hangover cures, I can say that going deeper into the Chinese philosophy is what has really opened up such practices. It is something wholistic in nature and simply pointing the acupuncture needle at point point is just not going to do it. Especially in the western world, there is a lot of commercial value in massage. That is why it’s even beneficial for the patient to have less effect so that they will keep on coming again and again. It’s true that Chinese massage is better taken constantly over a longer period of time, but for real long lasting effects one needs to understand the big picture.

And what better way to grasp the true meaning of these ancient Chinese traditions is to go to the ancient capital of Xi’an. You might first think of going to Shanghai or Beijing which are also very good travel destinations. But there is just something very unique about this old city, which has ruled China for many dynasties. It seems as if you have massage parlors on every street in Xi’an up to the point that it’s quite difficult to choose a place to go to. However, I can guarantee that you will have a better opportunity of finding a true master of massage from the beautiful city.

Of course, adventure is the disco style that is perhaps one that fits us the best. Just going from place to place and trying them out. They are not very expensive, so one per day is perfectly reasonable to an equally reasonable travel budget. Especially after all the partying, it’s the best hangover cure that exists. However, having some advice is an equally good idea and I would very much recommended the guide: “Massage in Xian” which will show you a place to have a good quality experience. You can find anything from whole body massage, acupuncture, foot spa, herbal foot spa and even cupping. While cupping is probably one of the most effective there is, I would recommend starting with regular massages.

If you are being asked to undress you are most surely in a place for girls. Which is again something totally else. Something that if you do choose to engage in, will be risky and not recommended. Instead have a real massage and with the cured hangover you will be again fit and ready to try look for real women on the streets of Xi’an. It’s not an easy sport but a good massage will definitely give you an advantage. It simply always gets you into a good mood. But I know that some might have odd effects from it too. That’s just because the muscle locks in your body start to open up, and feeling free and good in your body might be new to you. It’s a way to throw away stress and anxiety, something that we gather over the course of years. Our bodies become formed by this ill practice of work and and stressful life.

When you start to understand the true power of massage, you get addicted for life. But if you are in Xi’an or any other Chinese city, it’s not just good for your health but your wallet will stay happy too. Do you have experience of traditional massage in the mystical land of China? Let’s hear some comments friends!

Friendly Regards,
Mark Asa / Bar Mitzvah Disco

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