Amazon for All – Even in Japan!


While from my previously explained experience, I wouldn’t exactly say that Amazon is for everyone. But anyone who does want to get to know it’s hidden shopping secrets of too much stuff. Well, that is something I can recommend to anyone who has too much money. If you are poor, most likely you are better off dancing that sweat off at the disco hall instead of worrying about money. Either way, I got a few emails from a few good friends of mine saying that what I had discovered was absolutely brilliant. I thought that maybe there could be something for not just those who want to show in the German Amazon but to others as well.

Now if something is funky in my opinion that is Japan and Japanese goods of course. Then I found out that Japan also has it’s own Amazon store. Oh my god, I just hope that I don’t have to do any more experiences. And that my friends will do them for me and them report back in the comment section. At least that was the deal I made a few days a go with a very, very good friend of mine. So what happens, is that you check out this nifty little guide on how to do your shopping at Amazon Japan in English and start looking for all those manga, plastic sushi, weird what ever objects that you have always wanted.

While I thought that was going to be the best experience of my life. Well, almost. I have a feeling that the thought of getting anything you wanted from could be a similarly mind blowing experience. Which is what everything thinks including myself. But the reality, that’s what interesting and I want to know your version of the story. Please!

For the person with the best story to share, I will give a gift of a free disco ball. Now how does that sound like? So get to it and start shopping at the Japanese Amazon store right now, or as soon as possible.

It’s sayonara for now!

Mark Asa / Bar Mitzvah Disco


  1. OK. Mark. I promised to take part in this disco, grooving fun experiment of yours. To let others know a bit about my background, I am not that much of a “Japan goods” fan. But, the idea of having loads of interesting and fun things from the japanese version of Amazon sounds great to me. I doubt that the result will be similar to Mark but I am not deciding yet what the outcome might be. So, let’s get busy and start shopping. And thanks for the link, browsing the store in English is a breeze!


    • Thanks so much for jumping in Steve. I don’t know if there are going to be any other people who are willing to make this crazy experiment. But I hope we could get at least one more. Thanks & looking very very much forward!

  2. Hi Mark. I am joining in. With a very limited budget, but could not resist. Will let you know how things evolve.
    Thanks for all the inspiration! <3


    • That is simply awesome. Please contact me if you have any questions and I will help you as much as I can. Good luck & enjoy shopping at Amazon. Heh, heh. =)


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