The Great Land of Products in Germany, in English!

Shopping Candies in Germany

It’s been a while, guys and gals. The ‘Bar Mitzvah’ tradition has been active and well. Which is always a great excuse not to write the blog. Which doesn’t mean that I’ve been sitting on my ass, or doing the disco-thing. But rather, I have been sitting inside airplanes, doing more of exploring and even more of learning. It just never surprises me, how far attitudes can take you. It’s a magical world, known as the land of products.

Have you noticed how everything in this world has been made into a product? Well. Visiting the proud nation of Germany has given me a whole new light on this issue. First of all, I thought Amazon was just popular in North America. But down in Germany, they are going even more crazy about it. There are loads of products that you can’t even find anywhere else. Anything from disco balls, to Jewish outfits. A true wonderland, which carries the common name of ‘Amazon’.

That’s why I wanted to have a go at it and see if I can really become a happier person by buying loads of stuff. Especially stuff that I did not need. For the first length of the journey, I needed to figure out how to browse the German in English which turned out alright! I was confused at first, with all the German language that I could not understand. The only cure to this great confusion was to install a plugin for Mozilla Firefox, or alternatively use Chrome which I am not a big fan of. After a few re-starts or so, I fired up my browser again and typed in: and voila! There it was, the whole product play-field written with the beauty of our or my native language of English. Being an American didn’t have any negative side effects either. Yet, I am only joking of course.

Next order of business was to go through all the leather jump suits or anything that I considered vitally “German”. Lucky enough this stuff was not too expensive, and thanks to the fact that I was physically located in the country postage was free. Now everything was a few clicks away. I purchased a lot of things from Amazon besides kinky outfits. Like some military equipment, an inflatable you know what. As well as a new laptop to write all this with.

So at the time of writing this, I am still waiting for my packages. I was probably a little drunk as well. Which is why I am not that certain about my memory. Meaning that what I ordered is still going to be more or less of a surprise. All I know is that everything look good. And because I good read all the prescriptions in English, there was really no problem figuring out if it was a bad purchase or not. Wrong! I probably ignored a few warnings in the reviews.

Either way, this is the experiment, am I going to be a better person. Well, well, let’s just wait and see! That is, in the next edition of, Bar Mitzvah Disco. And remember folks, the party’s not over until I say it’s over. Let’s hope that it’s not anytime soonish. Except the time we meet again. Plus please, please let me hear from you more. Just because you don’t hear from me, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t hear from you my dear friends.

Bye, bye,
Mark Asa


  1. Edward J. says:

    That is an interesting experiment indeed. Can’t wait for the results mark! <3

    PS. Enjoy Germany!

    • Thanks for your kind remark Mr. Edward. I did enjoy it very much indeed, however the result is always something unexpected isn’t it. =)

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