How Beijing & Golden Mask Show Inspired to Disco

Golden Mask Dynasty Show

Everyone needs inspiration in life, something that motivates you to take the dance floor of your life and lead it to the greatest dance of your life. Such disco metaphors are pretty much new in my life, but a warm welcomed addition as such! I find that everywhere I go, my past of the “disco life” is following me and showing me that it’s an inspirational path that I must consider well to make something really good out of it. For that, I traveled to China, met people and learned their way to do the golden disco.

Yes, I know it sounds unbelievable for a stubborn minded Florida resident such as my self. But it’s true that I went to China all by myself, and got into grips with the different style of life there. It’s was an amazing experience and the show life there, was a great big event. Yes indeed, Bar Mitzvah went to see the Golden Mask Dynasty Show Beijing, Buzzing, Flashing and Fantastic beauty of a theatre performance. It shot me up to the moon and made me remember all the wonderful things, that happened in “show style” during my past. Obviously the Chinese were just as capable of putting up a good show, and I found out that several theaters around the city (more about that later), are boasting with these kinds of extravagance style things. Man, what I really thought was these guys in Beijing really know how to disco baby yeah. It’s honestly what I found myself thinking, and the Florida guy is just baffled with all the beauty in the world now.

Life is a story, and for everyone it’s different. But in this story of the “Golden Mask”, turns out that it’s a story without really a story. Of course it’s located in the ancient China of one of the most golden of dynasties that there ever has been. And there is a struggle of this mask that holds magical powers, the eternal life. But it’s more than that, it’s singing, acting, coreography, dancing and some disco in there as well. But then came the turning point in my life, to Doctor Asa as they will call it. The show made a huge impression on me, and it showed me that you can do whatever you want in life as long as you are honest in what you feel inside. When I visited OCT Theatre, I felt like what I was, was not there anymore.. something was changing in me that I was seeking for all these years of crazy parties and having fun. Perhaps it was true love, for the first time in my life. Had I found it, in the most unlikely of places.. in the polluted by crazy awesome city of Beijing!

While dance has always been great in the states, here in China it was just fresh. I wanted give it a one more shot, and start my own theatre production. Perhaps the Bar Mitzvah Movie will have a sequel after all. It could be the Mitzvah show, with coregoraphy that will blow your mind off. I am absolutely inspired, with little words to express my feelings. Just check out the trailer below, perhaps it will do better than I could ever had. But the point is in what inspired me, to do something similar to the Golden Mask Dynasty Show…. go to the stars and make dreams come true. Especially the fountain scene was impressive and made my eyes poor with tears almost as vividly. Hope you like it and let’s see what the future brings for this inspired guy.

With love as always,
Mark Asa

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