Amazon for All – Even in Japan!


While from my previously explained experience, I wouldn’t exactly say that Amazon is for everyone. But anyone who does want to get to know it’s hidden shopping secrets of too much stuff. Well, that is something I can recommend to anyone who has too much money. If you are poor, most likely you are better off dancing that sweat off at the disco hall instead of worrying about money. Either way, I got a few emails from a few good friends of mine saying that what I had discovered was absolutely brilliant. I thought that maybe there could be something for not just those who want to show in the German Amazon but to others as well.

Now if something is funky in my opinion that is Japan and Japanese goods of course. Then I found out that Japan also has it’s own Amazon store. Oh my god, I just hope that I don’t have to do any more experiences. And that my friends will do them for me and them report back in the comment section. At least that was the deal I made a few days a go with a very, very good friend of mine. So what happens, is that you check out this nifty little guide on how to do your shopping at Amazon Japan in English and start looking for all those manga, plastic sushi, weird what ever objects that you have always wanted.

While I thought that was going to be the best experience of my life. Well, almost. I have a feeling that the thought of getting anything you wanted from could be a similarly mind blowing experience. Which is what everything thinks including myself. But the reality, that’s what interesting and I want to know your version of the story. Please!

For the person with the best story to share, I will give a gift of a free disco ball. Now how does that sound like? So get to it and start shopping at the Japanese Amazon store right now, or as soon as possible.

It’s sayonara for now!

Mark Asa / Bar Mitzvah Disco

Mark Asa Doctor is Happy but not That Happy

Box of Carrots

So quite a few days have passed, perhaps weeks I am not sure. And the products arrived to my door. I was happy for a moment. I needed more, it was not enough. Had Amazon failed me, or had I failed myself. Probably both. All I know is that this was a lesson well learned. One that most probably I will have to learn all over again in the future. I imagined showing a picture in this post, with me smiling surrounded by a lot of stuff. Happiness, where are you. Don’t leave me alone. But ultimately it didn’t. Just the kind of happiness I got from the German Amazon shopping experiences was different than I could anticipate.

You see, finding something that I was not happy about.. which was the empty feeling after opening all those shipped packages, was a simple blessing. I always thrive to learn from this and to learn new disco moves. Sorry, the latter was just a mandatory joke for me. So anyway, if something doesn’t make you happy it means that you are doing something wrong. Ordering all the useless, but amazing looking never seen stuff was pretty much a plan gone totally wrong. Instead, I made another plan which was to donate all these things to local drunk people in the streets.

Man, they were not happy because it was not something that was easy to convert to money. But they took it and probably enjoyed them in their private time. After all that stuff was gone, I was again back to minimalist self. Thinking what crazy thing I could do next. Nevertheless, I knew that perhaps Amazon was not the greatest company, or corporation in the world. Perhaps a lot of it was just madness, something that was good to say hi to and even greater to say goodbye to.

I know for many saying goodbye is not that easy. But anyone who is able to look themselves in the eye (with the help of a mirror), can easily comfort themselves by saying. Hey man, this is just silly. Let’s boogie and enjoy our lives while we can. And oh poor things those bastards who work that evil company called Amazon. Now, I have a few days left in Germany (at the moment in Hamburg), which I will boogie on.

Auf wiedersehen und gute nacht!!

Mark Asa

The Great Land of Products in Germany, in English!

Shopping Candies in Germany

It’s been a while, guys and gals. The ‘Bar Mitzvah’ tradition has been active and well. Which is always a great excuse not to write the blog. Which doesn’t mean that I’ve been sitting on my ass, or doing the disco-thing. But rather, I have been sitting inside airplanes, doing more of exploring and even more of learning. It just never surprises me, how far attitudes can take you. It’s a magical world, known as the land of products.

Have you noticed how everything in this world has been made into a product? Well. Visiting the proud nation of Germany has given me a whole new light on this issue. First of all, I thought Amazon was just popular in North America. But down in Germany, they are going even more crazy about it. There are loads of products that you can’t even find anywhere else. Anything from disco balls, to Jewish outfits. A true wonderland, which carries the common name of ‘Amazon’.

That’s why I wanted to have a go at it and see if I can really become a happier person by buying loads of stuff. Especially stuff that I did not need. For the first length of the journey, I needed to figure out how to browse the German in English which turned out alright! I was confused at first, with all the German language that I could not understand. The only cure to this great confusion was to install a plugin for Mozilla Firefox, or alternatively use Chrome which I am not a big fan of. After a few re-starts or so, I fired up my browser again and typed in: and voila! There it was, the whole product play-field written with the beauty of our or my native language of English. Being an American didn’t have any negative side effects either. Yet, I am only joking of course.

Next order of business was to go through all the leather jump suits or anything that I considered vitally “German”. Lucky enough this stuff was not too expensive, and thanks to the fact that I was physically located in the country postage was free. Now everything was a few clicks away. I purchased a lot of things from Amazon besides kinky outfits. Like some military equipment, an inflatable you know what. As well as a new laptop to write all this with.

So at the time of writing this, I am still waiting for my packages. I was probably a little drunk as well. Which is why I am not that certain about my memory. Meaning that what I ordered is still going to be more or less of a surprise. All I know is that everything look good. And because I good read all the prescriptions in English, there was really no problem figuring out if it was a bad purchase or not. Wrong! I probably ignored a few warnings in the reviews.

Either way, this is the experiment, am I going to be a better person. Well, well, let’s just wait and see! That is, in the next edition of, Bar Mitzvah Disco. And remember folks, the party’s not over until I say it’s over. Let’s hope that it’s not anytime soonish. Except the time we meet again. Plus please, please let me hear from you more. Just because you don’t hear from me, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t hear from you my dear friends.

Bye, bye,
Mark Asa

Prepare to be Amazed: A Night in Beijing & Chaoyang Theatre

Macigal Performance Chaoyang Theater

Who would like to say that they are better than us (referring to us Bar Mitzvahs of course), well not many dare to do so. However one particular acrobatic group in China are not just saying that but are doing that as well. This time we are not just impressed as was the case with the “Golden Mask Dynasty Show”, but the whole concept of Chinese theatre went to such a far length that we cannot help but be absolutely amazed. Thrilling as it seemed, we were totally blasted by the idea of going to see an acrobatic show in Beijing. The one that everyone was talking about, and going about as well was the Chaoyang Theatre venue which was not to be missed. We soon realised that we had not come to the wrong place, even though our hotel staff tried to get us to a cheesier more commission profitable show. Don’t be fooled by all the different theatres that are scattered around Beijing, you better just approach the Chaoyang district one of the those nights that you are in for a ride.

Since we wanted to know what extreme positions could these guys get into, it’s well obvious that acrobatics is the finest and the best performing art, or variety art as they call it to get a good glimps of it. It’s like eating Sushi in Japan, once you’ve had the good stuff you can no longer go back to the terrible stuff back home. So you end up eating Sushi only on your trips to Japan, well having experienced that once in my life.. I can say with much confidence that the same applies to the Chinese acrobatics. Especially to the Chaoyang Theatre, which has all the feats you could ever dream of seing. I mean, who can put a twenty or so motorcycles inside a cage, have them circle around in total darkness and come out saying hey… are you exited yet? The acrobatic troupe sereved and received they standing standing ovations more than once. People just had a hard time staying still at time, because you were not just excited but worried for the lives of these incredible skillful acrobatic performers.

Having them in the US would be an honor. And going to do some disco with the crew would be just so much fun, in fact I am kind of planning something fun for the theatre performers that I simply can not get enough of.

If you are indeed for a new addiction in your life, the flying acrobatic kind that is. Then I advise all of you Beijing visitors to visit the theatre at 36 North East Third Ring Road. You can give them a call at 008618612359093 or just mail them to get discount tickets to the show. Naturally, the performance is getting more expensive every year and for that these discount ticket booking services come in handy. It can still be affordable, but expect to be paying like you would be visiting some grand spectacle in US. Which this isn’t, because the production is not that pumped up. Instead, it’s trained to make your hair stand up and that’s all. There is no need for all that American glow and honor kind of attitude, because the acrobatics at Chaoyang Theatre is the real, authentic stuff.

In other words, I could not recommend it more. And hope that people take my word for it! It’s like Peking Circus, but the modern version mixed with enough of historical arts to make you feel right at home in the Chinese way of life. Let me know if the comments if you are planning to go. Thanks very much fellow Mitzvah disco goers and let’s enjoy the magical night in Beijing!

Yours truly,
Mark Asa

Mark Asa Travels in China

Dance Performance China

So how do the Chinese disco, I know they sing songs of the Mao. The times of the communist revolution are long gone, yet.. in some way they are right in front of the noses from the perspective of a republic with a nation dedicated population. Indeed, the people in China are a proud population without fear other than their parents. It sometimes almost scares the westerners, how powerful personalities and forward thriven people China is loaded with. And while the disco concept might not be that popular, you can be sure that they will keep on dancing on the streets of every city of this vast, broad and polluted land.

It’s been a fascinating time, learning about myself, the world and even spirituality. Witnessing anything from Kung Fu, to Opera. Going to Places like Xian, Hong Kong & Shanghai. Everything seems fresn and new, yet somehow totally familiar. It’s perhaps because humans are just humans after all. I am enchanted, thinking that I might as well turn the Barmitzvah concept in a travel blog or something. If I get enough comments asking me to do that, it just might happen. Either way, I am hooked to travel and China. It’s teaching me everything from the good and the bad, where in the end I can learn to make choices in life. Pickup the good habits that I like.

But the best habits that I have learned while traveling in China, just have to be things like being just myself. Much like the dance floor where you through away your inhibitions and express yourself to the max. China is exactly like that, where people just grow up in such an environment. Sometimes it annoys you in the huge crowd where people are just going wild at times.. but at the end of the way, it’s better in that way, anyway!=)

Mark A.

Salt of my Travel to Barmitzvah Disco

Car Salt

Sometimes you really need to get out of your comfort zone to learn the wonderous inner workings of the disco lifestyle. As mentioned before, my new profile ‘Doctor Asa” is just all about that. Inspired by the Golden show in Beijing and forwarded.. or more like catapulted to an experience of life that’s not just in Florida but all over the world. I don’t have that many people who I can thank for it, except every single one of you. Many know how hippies say “we are connected”, and I used to laught at this saying. Thinking that it’s impossible, not really understanding what it ment.

Well, thank god we started traveling because it really brought my senses to the “new age”. Not some new age electronic meditation CD, but more of a funky disco tune that grabs life from the balls. One really has to have them, so that you can embrace the adventure that is waiting for you. I am thinking of making a movie out of it, Barmitzvah style, but I am just not sure anymore if this exciting life of mine can be capture on camera anymore. Of course parts of it can and will be memorised and presented to you folks when the time is right.. I just sometimes wish that I could do more, with an attitude that would take all of you with me. No matter if you could afford the flight or not, everyone deserves to broaden their horizons at least once in their life.

Truth is that anyone can, it’s just the guts that are often a lack. When I say balls btw, women usually have more than men. You wouldn’t believe the amount of brave, crazy, disco loving and wonderful female travelers I have met on my journey. They should be proud, because they have really discovered the salt of their lives.

This very salt, is excatly sometimes that I need in life. As I have written, I am feeling spiritual. Perhaps there is a new flavor of salt in town, the one that is united with all, one with all and coated in spirituality. Don’t you think so?

Mark Asa

How Beijing & Golden Mask Show Inspired to Disco

Golden Mask Dynasty Show

Everyone needs inspiration in life, something that motivates you to take the dance floor of your life and lead it to the greatest dance of your life. Such disco metaphors are pretty much new in my life, but a warm welcomed addition as such! I find that everywhere I go, my past of the “disco life” is following me and showing me that it’s an inspirational path that I must consider well to make something really good out of it. For that, I traveled to China, met people and learned their way to do the golden disco.

Yes, I know it sounds unbelievable for a stubborn minded Florida resident such as my self. But it’s true that I went to China all by myself, and got into grips with the different style of life there. It’s was an amazing experience and the show life there, was a great big event. Yes indeed, Bar Mitzvah went to see the Golden Mask Dynasty Show Beijing, Buzzing, Flashing and Fantastic beauty of a theatre performance. It shot me up to the moon and made me remember all the wonderful things, that happened in “show style” during my past. Obviously the Chinese were just as capable of putting up a good show, and I found out that several theaters around the city (more about that later), are boasting with these kinds of extravagance style things. Man, what I really thought was these guys in Beijing really know how to disco baby yeah. It’s honestly what I found myself thinking, and the Florida guy is just baffled with all the beauty in the world now.

Life is a story, and for everyone it’s different. But in this story of the “Golden Mask”, turns out that it’s a story without really a story. Of course it’s located in the ancient China of one of the most golden of dynasties that there ever has been. And there is a struggle of this mask that holds magical powers, the eternal life. But it’s more than that, it’s singing, acting, coreography, dancing and some disco in there as well. But then came the turning point in my life, to Doctor Asa as they will call it. The show made a huge impression on me, and it showed me that you can do whatever you want in life as long as you are honest in what you feel inside. When I visited OCT Theatre, I felt like what I was, was not there anymore.. something was changing in me that I was seeking for all these years of crazy parties and having fun. Perhaps it was true love, for the first time in my life. Had I found it, in the most unlikely of places.. in the polluted by crazy awesome city of Beijing!

While dance has always been great in the states, here in China it was just fresh. I wanted give it a one more shot, and start my own theatre production. Perhaps the Bar Mitzvah Movie will have a sequel after all. It could be the Mitzvah show, with coregoraphy that will blow your mind off. I am absolutely inspired, with little words to express my feelings. Just check out the trailer below, perhaps it will do better than I could ever had. But the point is in what inspired me, to do something similar to the Golden Mask Dynasty Show…. go to the stars and make dreams come true. Especially the fountain scene was impressive and made my eyes poor with tears almost as vividly. Hope you like it and let’s see what the future brings for this inspired guy.

With love as always,
Mark Asa

All new Traveling Doctor Asa

Doctor Asa

I don’t know how many of you knew, that the word Asa means doctor in hebrew. It’s indeed, one of the gratest things that I have had ever received. A name that is, which really tells something about me as a person as well. I know a lot of people get allsorts of non-relative names, except that relevance of the family roots themselves. But for me, being a sort of a doctor kind of a person is really part of my disco personality.

That’s pretty much the reason why I have managed to have such an awesome past. Having the opportunity to create such cool things as the bar mitzvah movie has been one of the biggest pleasures in my life. But that’s not all.. you could say that the doctor has received a sort of an enlightement. I started to seek for more meaning in life. Perhaps my skill to cure the hearts of others has been useful, but perhaps it was time for me to turn the magic wand at myself.

This is the reason why I started traveling and looking for stuff to do when I travel that would mean more than just partying. It should be something with meaning that would give even more reason to party!

I guess what I am trying to say to my dear blog readers, both new and old.. is that I want to have a positive impact on this world which will be expressed in this all new blog. It’s not going to be any more the kind of boring old doing crazy stuff kind of attitude. Because Doctor Asa is going spiritual.

To be continued..

PS. From know on you can all me,
Doctor Asa.

Who Wants to Disco? We do!

Disco Glow

Being the sort of people that disco throughout our lives and have fun while doing anything from taking care of our grandmother, to attending a business meeting at a boring city hall conference. It’s really way of life that got stuck to us ever since we started the whole “Bar Mitzvah” business. It shaped, or at least helped to get us where we are now. And that is a pretty relaxed and enjoyable style of life. You could say that our groove has been perfected to a level that’s not much known in the world of mitzvah’s.

It’s pretty funny actually, how the jewish themselves don’t see us in a very good light. Yet, we think that we are more jewish than them. It’s not really something that is you and your heritage.. it’s an approach to make life matter. If you are going to try to justify the whole thing with facts, you will fail and as a result end up defending your sorry ass for the rest of your life. We want to mingle with a bigger crowd, not just with some bloody jews right! And that is why my friends, we are very open to all kinds of influences all over the world. The disco ball keeps turning until it has done so many rounds, that our heads are spinning with it.

Actually I have a bit of a secret to tell, which involves a crazy trip to North Korea through China. The party just keeps on getting harder, and the strangest places with the most peculiar disco venues is one of the very highlights of our existence. Don’t believe us? Well, hang on and watch out for another edition of the Bar Mitzvah Disco! Thanks guys.

Mark Asa

The Bar Mitzvah Disco Story


We were sitting around one overcast winter day in New York City. At a loss for something better to do, we dug the albums from our own big days to take an amusing trip down adolescent lane — and then it hit us. We had all grown up at slightly different times and in wholly different places, but there was a tremendous continuity and sense of shared experience to our stories that evoked a time, a place and a specific set of emotions.

We decided to bring up the bar/bat mitzvah topic in conversations among our friends (Jew and Gentile alike) and watched as their normally languid faces lit up while remembering their own stories. It quickly became clear: This amounted to something more than individual memories. We had tripped upon an opportunity to tell the story of a generation – a history of the people, by the people, for the people, with amazing pictures of? people. To manifest this vision, we set up our web site to put up our own photographs and cajole our families, then our friends, and before long, complete and utter strangers, to tell their tales and share their memories.

At first, we were floored. Gawker and then Spin quickly broke the story and we were flooded with photographs, entire albums, T-shirts, table centerpieces, sign-in boards and the stories that accompanied each one. We realized our timing could not have been more perfect. These memories were once individual sources of shame. Now, thanks to the healing powers of time and a growing appreciation of nostalgia, we have placed enough critical distance between “us now” and “us then” that these golden nuggets of memory can now be valued for what they truly are.

Well, that’s the story anyway!

Mark Asa